to the Harvard Club of Sri Lanka

Promoting the interests of Harvard University alumni in Sri Lanka and fostering rewarding relationships within the alumni community in Sri Lanka; building a sense of connection amongst Harvard University alumni and between alumni and the University; organizing community outreach projects and contributing to the greater community of Sri Lanka; fostering friendships and networking amongst Members; stimulating discussion of current education, economic, business and social issues of interest to its Members; and fostering relationships with other Harvard clubs in the region.  



A lifesaving initiative by the Harvard Club of Sri Lanka that donated LKR 1,270,000 worth of High Flow Oxygen Units and Adult NRM Masks


An initiative by the Harvard Club of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to donate essential medical supplies during this unprecedented economic crisis


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Oct 2022



Oct 2022



In turbulent moments like these, I believe it’s essential that all alumni feel included and welcome in the Harvard community. Uniting people to strengthen the alumni community in this time of crisis and historical change is our collective responsibility. The relationships we make across the Harvard Club of Sri Lanka as we connect across our diverse experiences are phenomenal. The alumni community is here to support you. If you need help, I guarantee your fellow alumni will be there. I’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible people who are passionate about Harvard. I’m so grateful for their perspectives as we seek new opportunities to build and support an inclusive community. 

Our vision for the year ahead is an extension of our commitment to “One Harvard,” bringing alumni from all of Harvard’s Schools together to play an even more catalysing role in shaping a better world, as well as to connect, support, and learn from one another across perspectives. This is needed more today than at any other point in our lifetimes. The Harvard alumni community can give you so much, not just meaningful intergenerational, global friendships, but also a path to having an impact together in a way that is special to Harvard.

Mr. Kandeban Balendran 

Let us connect, learn, share, and create more impact together as “One Harvard”. Be a part of this journey and become a member of the Harvard Club of Sri Lanka.